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Beer & Spirits Cruises

For many years, Gregg Glaser has been the onboard Beer Cruise Director on cruises in the Pacific Northwest and New England/Canada. Magic Happens Travel & Cruises books these cruises: 800-824-4968,,

These cruises, which draw about 50 guests, take place on large, luxury cruise ships. They combine the fun of an ocean cruise along with regional-accented beer seminars and excursions.

Onboard there are pre-dinner seminars each evening covering topics such as:

Beer 101: a beer styles primer

Beer History: a lighthearted overview of beer's place in history

Beer and Food: a pairing of beers & cheeses

Big Beer: a tasting of powerful beers

Mini Beer Fest: The afternoon before the ship embarks, a mini beer fest takes place onboard with representatives (often the owners and brewers) of breweries from the cruise region.

Beer Dinner: One evening during the cruise a beer dinner is presented in one of the ship’s finer restaurants.

Ports of Call: At each port of call during the cruise, beer cruisers mix a tour of the area’s attractions along with visits to local microbreweries and brewpubs.

For more information about these cruises contact:
Michael Weil
Magic Happens Travel & Cruises
1020 Southhill Drive, Suite 140
Carey, NC 27513
919-678-9800, 800-824-4968